Same Sex Marriage… who does this really benefit?

I have seriously been trying to understand the benefits of same sex marriage. I know this sounds a bit odd— but with everyone running down to the court house.. throwing elaborate weddings.. 

I guess I’m struggling with the answer.. WHO IS REALLY BENEFITING FROM SAME SEX MARRIAGE LAWS??

It clear that America has taken a stance on their opinions of same sex marriage.. with the Federal Defense of Marriage Act- aka DOMA (1996) which defines marriage as the union between a man and woman— signed into law by African American’s  most favorite president BILL CLINTON..and the proposed 28th Amendment ” to define marriage as the union between one man and one woman”.

So again I ask… Who is truly benefiting from Same Sex Marriage?

This is just my opinion and I most certainly welcome open dialogue regarding the matter….. It’s simple. THE SAME SEX COUPLES STATES ARE BENEFITING FROM SAME SEX MARRIAGE. NOT the individual (s)!

Hear me out for a minute!

I think everyone should be given the opportunity to marry! I will be the first to say this whole speech regarding the “Sanctity of Marriage” is a big load of BULL SHIT… Especially when you have celebrities like Kim Kardashian... making millions off getting married on TV… Just to stay married for 72 days!

The argument for  Same Sex marriage is

  1. A. Financial Reasons a\
  2. B. Health/Death Benefits-

1. Financial Reasons:

Taxes: Same Sex couples will be able to file joint STATE tax returns. HOWEVER generally if the couple makes more than 65k a year (Yes, combined!) — you will end up owing the state more than if you just file as single!

Also because of DOMA - Same Sex couples will not be able to file Federal Tax returns jointly!

2.  Although Same same couples are married—they are still  INELIGIBLE for Social Security Spousal/survivor benefits

Health Insurance: Did you know if a company offers “domestic partner benefits” the government requires the partner to pay taxes on the value of their partners benefits—— A tax that opposite sex married couples DONT PAY!

so again I ask.. who is ultimately benefiting  from same sex marriage… I NEED SOME OF MY FOLLOWERS TO LIST THE POSITIVES FOR ME.